Your Impact - Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine
HSC Winnipeg is the flagship hospital of Manitoba’s health care system for many reasons, and the Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine is one of the latest. Home to new technology and new research – supported by HSC Foundation donors like you – the Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine is already making a difference, and with your donations, can do even more.
The lower level of the Kleysen Institute is home to a cyclotron, used to create medical isotopes that power advanced imaging devices such as HSC Winnipeg’s Great-West Life PET-CT scanner.
The second floor of the Kleysen Institute is where you'll find the Centre for Surgical Innovation, home to a unique intraoperative MRI system and adjacent to HSC Winnipeg’s surgical intensive care unit.
The upper levels of the Kleysen Insitute continue to develop as the HSC Foundation works closely with the leadership of HSC Winnipeg on this vision. With the support of donors like you we will continue to move ahead. Click here to make a gift directly to the Kleysen Institue for Advanced Medicine.